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Architecture Control Committee

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The Architectural Control Committee (ACC): No exterior construction, addition, erection, or alteration shall be made unless and until the plans and specifications showing at least the nature, kind, shape, height, materials, and location shall have been submitted in writing to and approved by the Architectural Control Committee.

Covenants (Simplified)
Above Ground Pools: Above Ground Pools are not to be erected.
Air Conditioning Units: Except as approved in writing by the Architectural Control Committee, no window air conditioning units may be installed.
Artificial Vegetation, Exterior Sculpture, and Similar Items: No artificial vegetation shall be permitted on the exterior of any property. Exterior sculpture, fountains and similar items must have approval from the Architectural Control Committee.
Boats, mobile homes, house trailers, campers: are not permitted for longer than 48 hours in the community, unless stored in the homeowners garage. Commercial Vehicles, School Buses; over 1 ton capacity are not allowed to be stored, parked overnight in the community.

Fences: All fences must have the written approved of the ACC. Approval will not be given for chain link fences. The finished sides of the fence are to be facing out
Garbage Cans and Woodpiles: Garbage cans and woodpiles are not to be visible from the street or in view from neighboring residences. Kept in the garage, behind home or behind plantings.

Junk Vehicles: Any vehicle (automobile, truck, van) without a valid license plate attached to it will not be allowed to be kept outside the owners garage.
Maintenance: Each owner shall keep and maintain each Lot and Structure owned by them, as well as landscaping in good condition and repair to prevent the development of any unclean, unhealthy, unsightly, unkempt, and unsafe condition of the property. The grass, weeds or uncultivated vegetation is not to exceed 12" in height.
Parking: Parking in the yard (on the grass), is not permitted.
Signs: No advertising, directional, vendors are to be in the yards.
Standard Mailboxes: All residences in the community shall have standard mailboxes conforming to the postal regulation and guidelines for such mailboxes adopted by the Architectural Control Committee.
Weeds: All rank vegetative growth including but not limited to kudzu, poison ivy, ragweed, thistle, dandelion or plants with obnoxious odors shall be removed.
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