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Pool Information

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The pool will be opened Memorial day weekend and will remain open through Labor Day weekend.   Members who are delinquent in their dues will be denied access to the pool.

 Pool Rules and Regulations:

1.  Hours are 10 am to 9 pm daily during the summer months.

2.  Pool use is restricted to members and their guests.  No members shall bring more than 3  guests at one time.

3.  All guests must be accompanied by a member.  Any family or family member that qualifies for membership cannot be considered a guest.

4. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult member.  Adult is defined as 18 years or older.

5.  No pets or non-battery operated appliances are permitted in the pool area.

6. Members are responsible for any damage or disturbance created by themselves or their guests.

7.  No glass or breakable containers are permitted in the pool area at any time.

8.  No diving or somersaults off the side of the pool.

9.  No lifeguard is on duty swim at your own risk.

10.  Rafts, floats, surfing or kickboards are not allowed in the pool.

11.  The use of water guns in the pool area is prohibited.

12.  Life preservers and rescue poles will be used only for their intended purposes.

13.  Members and guests must wear swimming suits or swimming trunks while in the pool.

14.  The Board reserves the right to deny pool privileges to any member violating the rules and regulations or whose guest(s) violate the rules.

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